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Our FlightLog software offers you a comprehensive and powerful package. It covers all your needs and requirements in the area, electronic logbook (flight log), flight duty time management, flight planning and billing. The current Windows version is available for download under the corresponding menu item for free.

3.1.4 (8.6.2017)

  • Create a new waypoint by entering the 4 ICAO letters
  • Create a new waypoint from the current coordinates
  • Synchronisation process optimized
  • Problems in creation of new accounts solved
  • Minor bug fixing

3.1.3 (17.04.2017)

  • Problem with user change after new installation solved
  • Performance improvement on Map tab for showing infos

3.1.2 (11.04.2017)

  • The App uses new "https" (SSL) instead of "http" for communication
  • Minor changes and improvements 

3.1.1 (23.3.2017)

  • Complete redesign of the FlightLog App
  • Problem with NOTAM request solved
  • The Apple iOS version is now fully compatible with the Android Version
  • Compatibility with iOS 10 improved
  • Further improvements and minor bug fixing

2.4.5 (5.9.2016)

  • In the waypoint core data section, the current Sunrise- and Sunset times will be displayed if values for the coordinates were entered
  • If either the four-character ICAO code or coordinates are entered for a waypoint, NOTAMs can be queried directly from the waypoint screen
  • The core data for Aircraft, PIC and start and landing place can be entered and edited directly from the flight log
  • The recorded GPS data are used to show the takeoff and landing time within the GPS tracking information
  • When the app creates automatically a new waypoint, the determined height is now stored correctly again
  • Minor bug fixing

2.4.4 (19.2.2016)

  • NOTAM retrieval added
  • Block time management added
  • Possiblitity for selecting Copilot name added
  • Auto save for new flight log entries
  • Minor bug fixing

2.4.3 (9.10.2015)

  • Crash on iPad devices during startup fixed

2.4.2 (7.10.2015)

  • Crash when changing the "Pilot in command" fixed
  • Refresh problem when deleting a flight solved
  • iOS 9 compatibility improved
  • General bug fixing

2.4.1 (1.8.2015)

  • Index of ICAO abbreviations added (see More -> ICAO Abbreviations)
  • Calculation error for sunrise and sunset times solved
  • General bug fixing

2.3.4 (24.4.2015)

  • Showing local sunrise, sunset times and GPS data under the map
  • 64-Bit support added
  • Problem with daylight savings time fixed
  • Minor bug fixing in time calculator

 2.3.3 (13.1.2015)

  • Video tutorial added (see 'More' -> 'Help' -> 'Video Tutorial')
  • Local track recording repaired
  • Software version check added
  • General bug fixing

2.3.2 (25.10.2014)

  • Handling of start / landing place detection further optimized
  • More iOS 8 improvements
  • Some bug fixing

2.3.1 (6.10.2014)

  • Optimisation for iOS 8
  • GPS tracking improved
  • Take-off and landing place detection improved
  • GUI improvements
  • Minor handling improvements...

2.1.16 (1.8.2014)

  • GPS tracking improved
  • Take-off and landing place detection improved
  • Minor handling improvements und bug fixing

2.1.15 (17.7.2014)

  • Added possibility for default waypoint
  • Added possibility for default aircraft
  • Handling optimization
  • Minor bug fixing

2.1.14 (2.5.2014)

  • Entry for night time and night landings fixed

2.1.13 (23.4.2014)

  • Stablity improvements
  • Simplified input of flights

2.1.12 (20.3.2014)

  • Flight tracks can be saved local

2.1.11 (11.3.2014)

  • Major update and sync problem fixed

2.1.10 (26.2.2014)

  • Problem with night time setting solved
  • Minor buxfix in showing and saving flight remarks

2.1.9 (26.1.2014)

  • Time calculator added
  • Minor problem in landing place evaluation fixed

2.1.8 (11.12.2013)

  • Fixed a problem when storing flights
  • Further iOS7 improvements

2.1.7 (15.11.2013)

  • iOS7 look and feel (for iOS7 devices)
  • Bug fixing in search funktionality
  • Problem with new accounts solved

2.1.6 (7.10.2013)

  • Minor iOS 7 issues solved

2.1.5 (23.9.2013)

  • New section for "special flightlog fields" in the "summary" section
  • Internet connection no longer necessary for program start
  • Recording in UTC added
  • Performance optimization
  • Redesign of the whole sync framework

2.1.4 (11.5.2013)

  • Track synchronization with DropBox added

2.1.3 (22.3.2013)

  • Track recording added
  • Bug fixing (problem when adding new Pilot)

2.1.2 (8.3.2013)

  • Enhancement in multi pilot time handling

2.1.1 (7.1.2013)

  • Facebook integration
  • iOS6 optimisation
  • Minor bug fixing

2.1.0 (14.11.2012)

  • Special fields for log entries added

2.0.9 (12.10.2012)

  • Social media integration
  • More cool icons added

2.0.8 (28.9.2012)

  • New cool icons added to flightlog

2.0.7 (17.8.2012)

  • Minor problems in iPad handling fixed
  • Stability further improved

2.0.6 (24.7.2012)

  • Copilot and IFR logging added
  • Refresh optimised

Customer Reviews

Einfach super ★★★★★

Michael Frank - 4.2.2017

Habe es schon seit Jahren auf dem Pc.

Parfait gestionnaire de vol ! ★★★★★

Chris Alain - 15.3.2016

Bravo !
Pensé pour le pilote exigeant, cet Apps est conviviale et simple d'utilisation, performante et efficace.
Un copilote administratif bien développé et parfaitement fonctionnel, que du bonheur !
Merci aussi à Rotair pour son excellente assistance online et sa réactivité.

Mein Logbuch ist immer dabei... ★★★★★

Pezianer - 27.7.2013

Rotair beitet als elektronischs Logbuch alles was ein Pilot braucht. Ob via App oder Desktop, die Flüge können einfach, ortsunabhängig und rasch erfasst order abgerufen werden. Ich möchte nicht mehr darauf verzichten!

Super! ★★★★

ArminZottler - 22.6.2015

Es ist ein sehr einfaches aber sehr nutzvolles programm und ich würde es jederzeit weiter empfehlen!

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