Add or modify the Waypoints you need. There a as well many other usful functions you can use for planning your flights. All that is fully integrated in the ROTAIR pilot flightlog app an just a few taps away.

Add a new Waypoint


Mandatory fields

  • Enter a Name (the only mandatory field) for the waypoint
  • Tap on Save to store the waypont you've entered
  • Then tap on Waypoints at the top of the screen to go back

 Optional Fields

  • In the field Info you can add some addtional information e.g. frequencies of the aiport / airfield
  • If you let the FlightLog app access the GPS and have entered coordinates (Latitude and Logitude) the app detects the take off and landing place automaticlly, when GPS is active and no waypoint exists for the current place, a new one will  be created with the current postion
  • The least field allows to enter the altitude of the waypoint
  • If Latitude and Logitude are available for the waypoint you can get a automatic generated Visual Approach Chart (VAC) and a Landing Permit report as an email atachment just by tapping VAC or Landing permit
Waypoint (neu)
Modify an existing Waypoint


Edit one of the fields Name, Details, Waypoint type, Latitude, Longitude or Altitude and tap on Save.


In this section you can get the information you'll need for planning your flight.

  • Tap on Show Waypoint on Map to see the current waypoint on the Map
  • Tap on Get NOTAMs for this Waypoint to get the current NOTAMs in the vincity of the selected Waypoint
  • Tap on Get meteobriefing for this Waypoint to get the current METARs and TAFs in the vincity of the selected Waypoint


See the Sunrise and Sunset time for the selected Waypoint


  • Tap on VAC to get an automatic generated VAC (Viasual Approach Chart) for this Waypoint as email with the VAC chart as attached PDF document
  • Tap on Landing Permit to get an automatic generated form with the most important information about the Waypoint as a PDF email attachment that you can use as a landing permit which just needs ti be signed
Waypoint (bestehend)