Fully integrated in the app and without the need of a license to use METAR and TAF query option

Information about the current and upcoming weather situations as well as NOTAMs are for each pilot a very important part of the flight planning, which are by no means negligible. You no longer need to query the data from different websites, a query directly from the app is extremely simple and done with only a few taps.
The "Meteo Query", offers the ability to query the current, as well as the future weather with a few taps in the simplest way. That is, the app allows you to query worldwide METARs as well as TAFs from anywhere internet access internet is available.

Meteo Query  Meteos 

The METAR / TAF briefing provides the following meteorological data:

Type Airport info (airfield ICAO code and name of airfield)
METAR (issue date and time and elapsed time since issue)
TAF (date and time of validity)
Infos Additional information such as Elevation, Latitude and Logitude for type Airport info
Sun Times for sunrise and sunset as well as times of twilight
Moon Times for moon rising and setting
Clouds Height of cloud base in feet above ground level
Up to four levels can be displayedwind
Wind Wind spped an direction and if available information about gusts
Vis. Visibility horizontally and vertically if available
WX Additional weather information
Temp. Information on temperature, dew point and relative humidity on the airfield
QNH Current air pressure for the polled station

 The following queries are available:

  1. Query via the 4-letter ICAO abbreviation
  2. Query based on the current city location
  3. Query based on existing waypoints

Procedure for querying via the 4-letter ICAO abbreviation

  • Tap auf More
  • Tap auf Meteo query
  • Enter the ICAO abbreviation in the Airport field
  • Set the desired search radius in the Search radius (in NM) field
  • Select whether the TAF messages should also be displayed (Include TAFs)
  • Tap on Get meteo briefing

Procedure for the query based on the current location

  • GPS access for the FlightLog app must be allowed
    Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> FlightLog -> "Always" or "When Using the App"
  • Tap on More
  • Tap on Meteo query
  • The current coordinates are automatically taken, provided the GPS signal quality is of sufficient and are displayed in the fields "Latitude" and "Longitude"
    In case of insufficient GPS signal quality, the coordinates can also be entered manually
  • Gewünschten Suchradius im Feld Search radius (in NM) einstellen
  • Auswählen ob die TAF-Meldungen auch angezeigt werden sollen (Include TAFs)
  • Tap on Get meteo briefing

Procedure for the query using an existing waypoint

  • Tap on More
  • Tap on Master data
  • Tap on Waypoints
  • Tap on the desired Waypoint
  • Tap on Get meteo briefing for this Waypoint

It should be noted that ROTAIR Sofware does not guarantee the correctness of the displayed data.